What is ChatGPT and its Impact on Digital Marketing

What is ChatGPT and its Impact on Digital Marketing

As a Marketer or a business person, it is important for you to keep up with the tech trends to leverage those opportunities in marketing and for the improvement of the business.                                            

Marketing has evolved from traditional to digital which reduced the market on traditional approaches like Newspapers, TV ads, and other print platforms.  Even now the trends in marketing are evolving rapidly like Web 3.0, Blockchain AI, Metaverse, Chatbot, etc. From these changes, it is evident that marketing is going to evolve continuously and it is a must for digital marketers to utilize each trend to stay on top. 

In that regard, the one trending factor that must need to be integrated with digital marketing services is ChatGPT, the chatbot that shook the world of tech and took a toll on other tech giants.                  

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a kind of chatbot launched by the AI development and research company OpenAI. ChatGPT works by generating a human-like conversion as a response to received prompts in open AI chat. One can get a personalized and optimized answer from this bot that is trained specially by Open AI experts. 

This ChatGPT’s ability can be used in any domain. But most significantly, it has extensive use cases in digital marketing. They are listed below

Content Marketing

Content generation is a significant application of ChatGPT that can be leveraged for content marketing. We all know the importance of content in marketing campaigns. It has to be of high quality, genuine, relevant, unique, and interactive. 

ChatGPT can create such content that is similar to the human format and can produce different forms of content like blogs, articles, taglines, social captions for social media marketing, copies, descriptions, press releases, etc.

The creation will be more accurate. So that it can help businesses by reducing the money and time spent on content creations 

Customer engagement

When integrating a Chat GPT with customer governance, the outcome is more reliable.

ChatGPT can improve customer engagement with its ability to respond quickly and by giving clear answers to whatever the question asked by them. The question can be anything about product objective, rate, usage, etc. Everything can be precisely and briefly answered with this chatbot.

It will also remember the customer’s grievances and track the status of whether the problem got solved or not. If not, they will try to move the process fast and will find a solution. These actions will increase customer engagement and also customer retention.

Also, chatGPT can provide customer service 24/7. Their response to customer queries will be quick, comprehensive, and to the point. ChatGPT is also a specialist in giving tailored recommendations and suggestions with the base of customer queries and doubts.

Lead generation

Since ChatGPT can keep track of everything it does, it can nurture leads with quick reactive and responsive behavior. The process of making a person from a lead to a loyal customer is a long process that takes a lot of time and requires the implementation of many strategies.

But this can be done fast and efficiently with help of ChatGPT. Because it will create a continuous connection with the customer through email marketing, social media management, governing customers’ queries fast, and interacting with them through different mediums. By doing these processes productively, ChatGPT can generate more potential leads who will later become regular customers.

Increasing sales and returns

When ChatGPT completes all the tasks rapidly with continuous customer engagement, it will pull more new customers, retain a big chunk of the old customer, generate leads, increase conversion rates and increase sales, and finally return high profits to the business.

These are all the impacts of ChatGPT in digital marketing. 

Why it is not advisable to rely completely on ChatGPT?

ChatGPT helps the digital marketing of brands and services in many ways. More specifically, they multitask. In that sense, is it okay for marketers to completely rely on this chatbot? 

The answer is no! Because

  • Since it is software, there is a chance that its answer is inaccurate sometimes
  • It may also generate biased or harmful content
  • It will not consider the intention of the user on answering the question.
  • Also, it has limited knowledge about the event that happened after 2021. Hence it doesn’t know the trends in any industry.  

So in-short ChatGPT can be utilized in marketing but only with the intervention of human AI experts. 

Final Thoughts

These are the use cases and benefits the marketers or business owners will get from integrating ChatGPT into their digital marketing. If you are a startup that is doing dedicated digital marketing for your products, then you should consider the implementation of chatGPT in that.

Or if you are a person who is searching for the best digital marketing agency for your business, then you should select an agency that offers SEO services combined with ChatGPT-like trends. In that regard, Social Whispers is the best fit. We are an experienced and expert company offering digital marketing services for several years now. We always keep our client’s business plans and their desires in front to devise the best digital marketing campaigns for them. 

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